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Emma Williams
Nursing Homes in Florida

Nursing Homes in Florida

For seniors, Florida offers routinely pleasant weather and the chance to live among similarly aged individuals: The state has a population of over 21 million people, and 20.9% of them are 65 years of age or above. Another perk of living in Florida is access to its strong medical facilities. Standouts include the Mayo Clinic's Jacksonville campus, which houses a stroke care team, and the University of Florida Health network, which employs geriatric care specialists. Additionally, Florida's lack of state income tax means that funding sources such as retirement plans, pensions and Social Security benefits go a bit farther.

Some of Florida's older adults reside in nursing homes, which cater to individuals who need around-the-clock care. In nursing homes, residents receive attention from therapists, licensed nurses and visiting doctors. Staff members also help with personal care and medication management, and activities take place for residents.

The rest of this guide covers the cost of nursing home care in Florida and nearby states. It also gives a rundown of Medicaid in the state, certain nursing home regulations and several resources for Florida's older adults. It concludes with a look at Florida's Area Agencies on Aging and its Social Security and Veterans' Affairs offices.

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